034 - Øyvind Sørfjordmo

I encountered Øyvind’s work and work spirit for the first time during his master at KhiO in Oslo. From the start I was captivated by his style and universe, so it was a real pleasure to enter Øyvind's studio again to have coffee and talk art, studio and movies.

He just did two brilliant solo exhibitions. One at Brandstrup in Oslo and another one at BGE in Stavanger.

Enjoy the talk!




032 - Lars Dalin

I ran into Lars a couple of years back at Vintage guitar shop in downtown Oslo. He had a workshop there for a while which I couldn't resist entering. That brought us to developing jigs for guitar-making together. He has a wonderful shop in Oslo where he does repairs and restorations and building guitars. Check him out! He is an incredible nice guy and tremendously skilled. Enjoy our talk!