Overview for Studio

001 - Side talks - Covid 19 lockdown rambling

In order to keep my new regime of one podcast per month for obvious reasons it’s just me this time.
I don’t have a format for solo talks (yet), so it ended up being a stream of consciousness triggered by this extra ordinary situation of virus lockdown.

These are truly strange times. All our movements have been altered and restricted. Everywhere in the world at the same time. That’s new.

Although we in the creative field are used to taking hits, this one is of a different order it seems.

Enjoy my rambling stay positive and I would love to hear from you if you have any question comment.
Just send me an email to podcast@fridoshow.com
I hope you all are safe and sound out there!

034 - Øyvind Sørfjordmo

I encountered Øyvind’s work and work spirit for the first time during his master at KhiO in Oslo. From the start I was captivated by his style and universe, so it was a real pleasure to enter Øyvind's studio again to have coffee and talk art, studio and movies.

He just did two brilliant solo exhibitions. One at Brandstrup in Oslo and another one at BGE in Stavanger.

Enjoy the talk!